About LVP

Lehigh Valley Plastics is a state-of-the-artLehigh Valley Plastics Office machine shop, fabricator and distributor of advanced plastic components and materials. We are one of the few remaining plastics manufacturing companies in the industry that offers full-service capabilities from design and engineering support to the production of nearly any plastic product quickly and cost effectively. Established in 1971, Lehigh Valley Plastics is guided by one principle: “Satisfy the customer’s needs.” Our company has grown around this philosophy to become an international supplier to some of the most well known brands in business today.

Operating 3 shifts out of a 55,000 square foot climate controlled facility, Lehigh Valley Plastics has evolved into a market leader by using lean manufacturing techniques, precision machining technology, and innovative production methodologies. Known for unsurpassed quality across a broad range of plastic materials, personalized service, and a fast, cost-effective response, Lehigh Valley Plastics has built its reputation one customer at a time.

Ian Ressler, Inside Sales Manager, explains, “Lehigh Valley Plastics is a ‘made to order’ business. We provide our customers with machined and fabricated components from engineered plastic materials quickly and cost effectively. At Lehigh Valley Plastics, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and highest value products on time to ensure that they have the competitive advantage they need to succeed. Our strategic vision is quality growth – for our customers as well as our company.”

To achieve this vision, Lehigh Valley Plastics is focused on three objectives: to exceed its customers’ expectations, to continue to invest in leading-edge technologies, and to develop skilled employees who share a passion for this business.

January 2017 “Wildlife Leadership Academy Receives Donation from Lehigh Valley Plastics

Bethlehem, PA (2/10/16) – The Wildlife Leadership Academy is pleased to announce it has received a $13,500 donation from Lehigh Valley Plastics of Bethlehem, PA. Each year Lehigh Valley Plastics and their staff raise funds to support a particular charity. This year’s donation was in memory their former president, David Keim. An avid outdoorsman, David also served on the board of the Wildlife Leadership Academy and had a passion for its mission to engage youth leaders from across the state in the conservation of Pennsylvania’s natural resources. Lehigh Valley Plastics is a state-of-the-art machine shop, fabricator and distributor of advanced plastic components and materials. The mission of the Wildlife Leadership Academy is to engage and empower high school age youth to become Conservation Ambassadors to ensure a sustained wildlife, fisheries and natural resource legacy for future generations. For more information visit www.wildlifeleadershipacademy.org. And if you can add the photo that’s attached that would be great.

October 2016 “Great material ideas from LVP for pumps, valves and high temperature insulators.”

January 2016 “LVP’s machining capabilities with CIP composites are ideal for replacing bronze, nylon, acetal and wood bearing materials.”

September 2015 “Let LVP help you convert from metal to plastic to reduce cost and weight but maintain your design.”

LVP Ongoing Investment in Capacity and Technology!

  • Lehigh Valley Plastics, a state-of-the-art machine shop, fabricator and distributor of advanced plastic components and materials, continues its commitment to saving customers money through additional capital investment and metal-to-plastic conversion expertise.
    2015 Q2 – DMC25ST & Metal-to-Plastic

LVP Continues Investment in Capacity and Technology!

In partnership with Spring Technologies, LVP has contracted for a 1st quarter rollout of the industry leading NCSIMUL programming validation and simulation software. This package represents the next leap forward in our programming department’s ability to perform error checking, simulation within a precise 3D machine environment, and verification of finished part geometry against the source model. This means a smoother programming process in the office, quicker set-ups on the shop floor and, most importantly, higher quality parts to our customers! Stop by in 2015 to see this software in action!

2014 LVP announces Frac Ball manufacturing capabilities and increases its milling capacity and capabilities!

  • LVP featured in Viewpoints with Terry Bradshaw – a segment on Manufacturing in America
  • LVP employees featured on “Dream It. Do It. Pennsylvania Dream Team” talking about why they enjoy working at LVP.
  • LVP Continues Investment in Capacity & Technology
  • 2015 Q1 LVP Newsletter – DM65V & NCSIMUL

2013 Installed two new DMC Drill/Tap machines with twin pallets

  • These machines give LVP an advantage on both small and large quantity jobs.  The machines can be pre-set with 21 tools which reduces the amount of downtime between setups.  Each machine has two pallets for increased efficiency on longer running orders.  LVP also installed a new DMC Turning Center capable of machining up to 8” on the OD and bar feeding up to 2” diameter rods and tubes.
  • LVP receives 3 year recertification for ISO 9001:2008
  • In September, LVP added a new Engineering Manager to the organization.  Our new manager brings with him several years of experience in both design and manufacturing of parts for the Aerospace industry
  • LVP played host for plant tours to two local chapters of nationally recognized, professional organizations:  The Association for Operations Management (APICS) and the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).  The ASQ tour also included an overview of the quality management system and how it is utilized throughout LVP. Over forty Quality Managers and Engineers from various businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley attended the event and provided positive feedback about LVP as a company.
  • Through a work-study program with Bethlehem Area Schools, LVP hosted several tours throughout the year for high school students interested in pursuing Precision Machining as a vocation.

2012 Lehigh Valley Plastics achieves record levels of on-time delivery

2011 LVP celebrates its 40th Anniversary

  • The CEO buys a majority stake in LVP from the private equity ownership group; the other members of the management team are awarded ownership and LVP becomes a management-owned, woman owned company.
  • Capital investment resumes in earnest with the acquisition of additional palletized Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers (HMC/VMC) and an automated CMM to help meet an increase in quality documentation requirements.

Philadelphia PA Walk for Sjögren

  • Sjögren’s (“SHOW-grins”) is a systemic autoimmune disease that affects the entire body. Along with symptoms of extensive dryness, other serious complications include profound fatigue, chronic pain, major organ involvement, neuropathies, and lymphomas.
    Although many patients experience dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue and joint pain, Sjögren’s can also cause dysfunction of organs such as the kidneys, gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the central nervous system. Patients also have a higher risk of developing lymphoma. Today, as many as four million Americans are living with this disease.
  • We participated in a walk for the foundation on May 5th at the Philadelphia zoo

2010 Lehigh Valley Plastics delivers an impressive annual performance

  • Lehigh Valley Plastics delivers an impressive annual performance in the face of continued strong economic headwinds, but a closer look beyond the numbers show that deep challenges remain for most industry members.
  • LVP introduces organizational and process and procedure changes to enhance production control and scheduling and to optimize on-time-delivery and efficiency.
  • LVP brings on a CEO

2009 New Plant Manager

  • LVP brings in a new Plant Manager with strong manufacturing management experience from the automotive industry.
  • LVP’s ownership acquires S&W Metal Products. Located in Gilbertsville, PA, S&W Metal Products is a metal fabricator regionally known for their exceptional quality and on-time delivery. Ownership expects to see synergies in customers, operations and best practices. For more information on S&W please visit their website at www.swmetalproducts.com.

2008 Integrated Management Systems Group Certification

Lehigh Valley Plastics achieves ISO 9001:2008 – Integrated Management Systems Group (IMSG) has certified LVP to the ISO 9001:2008 quality system standard. The certification was awarded in recognition of LVP’s compliance with and dedication to the maintenance of quality process standards and effective quality management systems in the manufacture and precision machining of engineering plastic components and fabrications. LVP has achieved recertification each year since that initial certification.

  • LVP featured on the Pennsylvania Cable Network

2007 New Facility

Lehigh Valley Plastics, Inc. moves into its new facility at 187 North Commerce Way, Bethlehem, PA. All operations are moved under one roof. The climate controlled 55,000 square foot facility allows for growth and future expansion on the four acre property; 49,000 of the 55,000 square feet is dedicated to manufacturing. LVP also substantially enhanced its manufacturing capabilities by adding new high-speed precision machinery and equipment including a wireless communication system for file access at machines.

2006 35th Year Celebration

Lehigh Valley Plastics, Inc. celebrates its 35th Year in Business with a casino-night style evening out at the Hotel Bethlehem.

2005 Molding Division

Molding Division on Congress Street gets an interior facelift. Office area is designed to be customer friendly and professional. March: Office area at Gilmore Street remodeled. April: Maintenance Department acquires its own office space at the Godfrey Street building. On October 17th Lehigh Valley Plastics, Inc. sold to a private equity investor group.

2001 30th Year Celebration

Lehigh Valley Plastics celebrated its 30th Year in Business, celebrating with a mini-golf course which led guests on a tour of the three production facilities.

2000 Fairmont Street Expansion

Fairmont Street Expansion occurs: saws, routers and Fabrication moved to the new location, and “Plant II” is created. New saw and router are added. At Gilmore Street, the Sales & Engineering Departments are moved, and with the addition of a Training room, they engulf the former Fabrication area. The front office flows into the former Sales Department area, allowing for freer access to filing systems. Remodeling occurs throughout the Gilmore Street building, including an updated Showroom, Employee Lunchroom, and phone system to directly dial extensions at the new “Plant II”.

1999 Another Milestone

Purchased a fourth building, located on Godfrey Street in Allentown, to house miscellaneous items.

1998 More Expansion

Purchased another building for future expansion, located on Fairmont Street.

1975 New Office

By this time, more space was needed for their business venture. Fred & Edythe purchased the entire building that they had been renting. Over the years since then, the Gilmore St. building went through quite a few transitions extending its size.

LVP Formed

At 1075 North Gilmore Street, Allentown, PA. Fred and Edythe Ressler (LVP’s cofounders) rented a small portion of the building to house their business operations. Using a second-hand saw purchased from the YMCA, and only one employee, the Resslers took a risk and so begins the Lehigh Valley Plastics journey…