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Knowledgeable Solutions...

A customer came to us for our experience and advice on a slip stick issue they were having with a current application. Our solution was to install an inexpensive, lubricated plug into their part to stop the slip stick and increase the overall operational life of the part. Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience and up to date training to help you find a solution to your most challenging plastic applications.

Metal Replacement…

Customers are always comparing the costs of various materials to find the best material for their applications at the least expensive cost. This customer came to us with a stainless steel chute that was costly to build and ship. Also they were having issues with static build up because of the products they were sending down the chute. We discussed the application and offered an anti-stat UHMW that would solve their static issues while also saving them money. In addition, LVP aided in the design of the part to keep manufacturing costs down and improve functionality. If there is a plastic material that will suit your needs, LVP can help you find that solution.


Cost Reduction…

We noticed that these machined parts were being ordered in very high quantities making them excellent candidates for injection molding. We presented the cost study information to our customer who is now experiencing considerable cost savings due to this process change. LVP will work with you to continuously improve their process and suggest cost saving ideas wherever we can find them!

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The answer to this question is emphatically “YES!”.

Today’s engineering challenge is to come up with ways to build complex products faster and, of course, at a lower overall production cost. At LVP, we work closely with engineers and designers to help them stay ahead of the competition.