Machining Services

Machining first-class plastic products to perfection requires a high level of expertise, the right equipment and strict quality control. At Lehigh Valley Plastics, you get that and more. With our extensive knowledge in precision plastic machining we are able to meet the exacting specifications for all your plastic needs, on time and cost effectively.

Our professional plastic machinists are skilled in milling, drilling, turning, sanding, forming, grinding, punching and tooling nearly every variety of engineered plastic available. When you need it to be exact, count on our expert craftsmen to hit the mark.

We use state-of-the-art CNC equipment throughout the machining fabrication processes. These plastic machines operate at speeds over 1,000 inches per minute while maintaining industry leading tolerances and finishes.

This combination of speed and precision results in exceptional quality at lower cost.

To guarantee that quality, as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company we check samples of your product throughout the plastic machining process and are able to supply all required quality and material certifications. This level of quality control allows you to take your product right from the receiving dock to the manufacturing floor.

To serve our customers as efficiently as possible , we regularly update and add new machines to our production facilities.

All shifts are fully staffed with qualified in-process inspectors.

At Lehigh Valley Plastics, our goal is simple: to provide you the best precision plastic machined parts possible. We won’t quit until we achieve that goal.


Every project is unique and we are confident our services will outperform your expectations.

Call us to discuss your application. 1-800-354-5344 or click the link to the right to send us an inquiry.